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Easy Windows Service Manager


Easy Windows Service Manager is designed as a desktop utility that enables the easily management of Microsoft® Windows services. This utility arises from the need for easily with a tool to query the operating system regarding the services that run on it.


Manage services using the native Microsoft® Windows tool (console mmc "Services.mmc") sometimes can become somewhat tedious task because the console does not allow queries natively on Windows services simply just show a list with the services installed on the machine. In many instances, a user requiring a service identified by name, description, executable, predecessors, and so on may find this tedious or difficult. Therefore, there Easy Windows Service Manager, in order to facilitate this type of administrative tasks to expert users, network administrators, developers, and users with basic knowledge of Microsoft® Windows.


The following list presents in brief the benefits initially raised for the tool:

  • Querys of services installed on the operating system, based on the name, description, runtime, status, precedence of the services running on a computer.
  • Simultaneous queries to multiple network computers.
  • Installing and uninstalling service on a computer.
  • Additional information on the services taken from WMI queries to the engine and the Windows registry.
  • Injection parameters (or arguments) for Windows services.
  • Localized resources to provide an interface in several languages.
  • Initialization, Restart and stopping services on the local machine or remotely.
  • Export lists of services or block them.
  • Easy copy of the names, descriptions, executable and predecessors of a given service or block them.
  • Generating Scripts for the rise and stopping services.
  • Generate Scripts for installation services.
  • Feedback for program improvement.
  • Computers recently viewed list (MRU)
  • Other features that users request related to managing Microsoft® Windows services

Development environment

The initial development of Easy Windows Service Manager is for Microsoft® FrameWork 4.5 with C#, is a tool made for WindowsForms and the occasional query via LINQ To Objects.


Easy Windows Service Manager is a free software project released under the license "Mozilla Public License 2.0"
This includes parts graphics, logos and icons used throughout the program.

What I can contribute?

There are many ways in which a person can join the project:

  • Development.
  • Construction of graphics parts (logos, templates, icons).
  • Resource localization(Translation of text strings used in the program).
  • Promotion and dissemination of the project and the tool on blogs and social networks.
  • In the testing area performing functional tests, usability or design on the program.
  • Document the application, either in UML models, documenting the code, helping to create the application help, and so on.
  • Advice on issues related to the project.
  • Through donations and injection of resources to the project.

How I can I join the project?

If you want to participate voluntarily and altruistically in this project, please contact me via the following means:

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